We Provide Professional Intercom Services for Businesses in JHB.

As every business owner knows, a commercial facility’s doors, entryways and other access points are some of its most vulnerable areas to security breaches. One of the best ways to address these vulnerabilities is with a professional video or voice intercom system. These types of systems offer a variety of benefits, from letting you visually monitor your entryways and control access to doors to letting you communicate with any visitors. Thanks to today’s technology, intercom systems are more reliable than ever and are helping more and more businesses prevent unwanted access to entry points. Regardless of the size, layout or location of your facility, our Locksmiths can help you install a top-notch intercom system that exceeds your expectations.

Keep all of your business’ entryways monitored and controlled.

Commercial security is one of our specialties. With a wide variety of intercom systems to choose from and a team of technicians with years of experience installing them, you can trust Mobile Locksmith Rosebank to handle all of your intercom needs, whether it’s a system with one monitor or hundreds of them.

We come to you!

Our intercom options include audio intercoms, video intercoms, combination audio/video intercoms and even door access control systems. Wherever your business is located in Rosebank, we’ll travel to you to help you pick the right intercom system that meets your needs. Once you’ve decided on a system, our team of professional technicians will install the system and give you instructions on how to use it properly. We’ll also be available in the future if you have any maintenance needs or need additional help with your intercoms. Once you have one of our intercom systems installed, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing your business’ entryways and access points and being controlled and monitored.

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