Home Locksmith Give You Options, Not Just a Price.

Need Your Locks Changed? We Can Help.

Did you purchase a new house and you’re worried that a stranger may still have a key that opens your front door? Maybe you have a rental tenant that skipped town and now you can’t get into your property. No matter if you need help with home locksmith, rental property or business we can help. And the best part is we have options to fit any need you may have!

If you are looking locks for your business we offer high-security locks and master key systems beyond the locks you might use to protect your home to increase security.

Feel free to call us to get advice and see all the options you have for getting your new locks.

Two of Our Most Popular Options

Option #1: Rekey Your Existing Locks

If the mechanics of your locks are working just fine but you’re worried about someone still having a key to your property, our locksmiths can change your existing locks to work with a new key so any old copies will no longer function. This is called re-keying your locks and is a much more cost effective way to secure your property than replacing all your door hardware and locks. This is also a very popular option for our customers who need one key that opens all the locks on their property.

Option #2: Replace Existing Locks

While re-keying existing hardware is less expensive, sometimes old door locks offer less protection or are not aesthetically pleasing to more modern locks. Many of our customers prefer new locks to re-keying to because they can get better hardware or have all the colors of their door hardware match a look they prefer. Whatever you reason may have for changing your lock hardware, we are here to help and all our locksmiths have stocked inventory on their vans to take care of your needs.

Service Features Re-key New Locks
? Warranty 90 Days Standard 1 Year
? Cost Less Cost More Cost
? Replace Old Keys
? One Key for All Locks
? Uses Existing Hardware
? Upgrade Locks
? Door Hardware Matches

Some of our Happy Corporate Clients Include: